The daytour that has the name Golden Circle is the most popular daytour out from Reykjavík. Why is it so? The main nature pearls on the way are Thingvellir the old parlament place, mainly in use between 930-1262. It is on rift where the two tectonic plates of North America and EuroAsia meet. Then we come to Geysir, where we have a spouting spring (Strokkur ) sprouting high up in the air every 8 minutes.

On we go to Gullfoss ( Golden Waterfall ), that some say is even more magnificent than the Niagara Falls. The hight is about 33 meters, but volume of the waterflow is about 100 m3 per second. Gullfoss is about 120 km. from Reykjavík. But there are many more interesting places on the Golden Circle . If we travel the Circle anticlockwise, it can look like this: 1. about 20 km. from Reykjavík we come to the biggest geothermal powerstation in Iceland, it has the name Hellisheiðarvirkjun. There is a good show how everythings Works there. 2. about 35 km. from Reykjavík we pass the flowertown Hveragerði, lot of greenhouses mainly for cultivating tulips and roses. 3. just a few kilometers further, we come to a horsefarm Eldhestar and a small hotel. they have about 300 horses in summertime and about 100 in wintertime.They are providing riding tours all the year around. 4. on we go and about 70 km. from Reykjavík we come to Kerið an old volcano about 7 thousand years old, there is a lake at the bottom of the crater. this area is privite ownd and the entrance fee is 400 isk. There are many walking paths inside the area. 5. Skálholt: about 95 km. from Reykjavík is Skálholt a bihop place that started the year1056 and was the main place in Iceland until big earthquakes destroyed the houses about 1790. 6. Friðheimar: about ten kilometers further on the road there is big tomato farm in big greenhouses with a very good restaurant. They are producing about one ton of tomatos per day. 7. Geysir is the next stop, with a sprouting spring 8. Gullfoss: the mighty waterfall it is worth a 20 minutes stop 9. Laugarvatn-Fontana: on the way to Thingvellir we come to Laugarvatn. There is modern sauna directly over a spring, there is also good cafeteria. 10. Thingvellir: the last stop but not the leat is Thingvellir, the old parlament place in a magnificent landscape. Then it is about 50 km. back to Reykjavík. On an eight hours tour we can stop on may be six or seven of these places.
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Price: Private tour 1-7 persons fixed price for the group ISK 70,000

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