The Reykjanes is a special place in Iceland. Here are very young lavafields. There were lot of vulcanic activity between the eleven centuri and the thirteenth centuri. About half of the peninsula is covered with lava. All the mountains are made through vulcanic activity under glacier. It is only about 11 thousand years since a thick glacier ( many hundred meters thick) covered all of Iceland.

The tour, the main stops:
1. Seltún, there are many hot springs, a colourful landscape
2. Selatangar, a place at the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Here fishermen came for centuries for fishing on open rowing boats from february to may. There are still ruins of their dwellings and many stonehuts where they kept dried fish.
3. Grindavík, one of the biggest fishing city in Iceland ( about 2000 inhabitants) in Grindavík is the Icelandic saltfish museum. Salted cod has always played a big role in Icelands economy since the year 1400.
4. Brimketill, a natureal fenomenon at the seaside, where ocean waves have sculptured the rocks and still do.
5. Reykjanestoe, close to the lighthouse. Magnificent cliffs at the seaside.
6. Bridge between the two continental plates of North America and Europe-Asia.
Pick up at 9:00 or by appointment
Language: English or skandinavian
Price: Private tour 1-7 persons fixed price for the group ISK 60,000
The tour takes about 6-8 hours


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